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Why Choose an Air Source Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an energy-efficient system that uses the heat from the ambient air for heating and hot water. By using the ambient air and transferring this heat into the house through a hydronic system, such as underfloor heating, a heat pump requires less power input and offers greater power output than conventional boilers.

How it works?

A heat pump is essentially a big fridge or freezer. If we look at what your fridge or freezer in detail it uses a refrigerant inside the pipework to suck the heat out of your food, the compressor or refrigerant pump moves the refrigerant around the system so that it can take all the heat and throw it away using a coil on the back of the Fridge. Your freezer is using the heat in your food to heat the kitchen, it’s a food to kitchen heat pump. For every 1 kWh of energy input, a heat pump can deliver up to more than 4 kWh in energy output. This is an energy efficiency ratio of more than 400%, which is far superior to high energy efficiency boiler systems. Since conventional boiler systems can only reach an efficiency ratio of up to 95%, they consume more energy than they can ever deliver.

The Benefits

Integrating a heat pump system for basic heating and hot water in the home is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. The most noticeable advantage of the heat pump’s energy efficiency is a sizeable reduction in energy bills. The EU has defined heat pump systems as renewable products. Under this classification, end users can apply for government subsidies or tax refunds when installing heat pump systems.


 Get heat from the air even at very low temperatures (up to -15° C)
 Are very easy to install, especially compared to ground source heat pump systems
 Reduce your fuel bills, particularly when you are replacing conventional electric heating
 Provide you with potential income via the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive)
 Have potentially lower home carbon emissions
 Do not need any civil ground works
 Do not require any fuel deliveries
✓ Heat both your water and home
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